How Yoga Boost Immune System | New Research

Norwegians researchers find an immediate genetic response to yoga practice. By practicing the yoga will have a positive influence on the  DNA system( Immune System),  proved by the research team of Norway.

Research study:

Yoga Research
Yoga or Meditation Research


Research team shared the article, overall study conducted by them. Yoga practice will impact on our DNA system (Immune System) , study explain the health benefits of yoga clearly, with proved records.

As per records, how yoga practice will influence on each stage of cell development

Significant changes will start showing immediately after starting yoga practice states-Oslo University

The Research team led by Fahri Saatcioglu of university Oslo, this article published in one of the online journal PLOS ONE.

Study shows

Yoga Research Results

Norway Research team said that a comprehensive yoga program will lead to internal changes in genes at the genetic level, The results show that ancient practice influence on health.

Yoga practice will give  “Rest state” stated by the researcher. This ‘Rest state’ wills stronger effect on inheritance behavior or long-term changes on genes.

‘Rest state’ like a “turned on” inheritance behavior, it will mainly produce Protein-RNA.

Recent studies proved that these can be relating to body Immune system, this will influence on body immediate basis, they stated.

In Germany,  a study conducted on yoga practice by involving 10 participants, conducted by OSLO university research team.

How Research conducted:

Yoga Research Conducted
Yoga Participants

First two days, participants involved in yoga practice for 2 hours, they did yoga practice-Sudarshan kriya (comprehensive yoga practice-Art of living) and meditations, for next 2 days at the same time period they did the nature walk, listen to classical music.

Researcher taken the blood sample of participants before and after each program, they examined the blood peripheral and mononuclear cells, these have a significant role and body resistance system/immune system.

Research Finding:

Yoga Research Finding
Yoga Research Findings

Researcher finds that Nature Walk and listen to music-driven rest will influence 38 inheritance changes in the immune system- blood cells, the yoga practice will bring about 111 changes.

Using two practices, fourteen changes in genes expressions (inheritance influences), it proves two practices will influence general blood cells. State by the researcher.


Yoga will have a larger/wider influence, it has more influence than just exercise or nature walk/music and. Yoga(Meditation) brings ‘Rest state’ in cell level and changes in cell structure, apart from health benefits it having.

If your mat lying with dust, it is time to bring back, the studies will give you inspiration on developing diseases free body. Walking on nature is better but yoga is better than that.

Further Meditation meditation/yoga practice also sharpen your mind

Cleanse –  Body.   Mind.,

Mind cleansing

Sometimes Now; I was taking rest, too many things running in mind home, office things. Mind occupied by too many things…can’t we clean the mind as we do to the body…

Clean Mind like Cleaning Body:

Cleanse Mind
Cleanse Mind

We are given away most of the unwanted things which are occupied by our space, are we did same things with our mind, clean the mind, which is unnecessarily filled with things,

which leads us to dim our eyes or focus, it makes us disturbance, making anger to our self. Are we doing enough effort to remove them?

You need space to keep things; we don’t have enough space to keep all the things. You do., as per ancient practices, cleanness is depended on body cloths or the environment, it also mentions to the mind cleaning of our mind.

Toxic you’re consumed:

Yoga:Mind Toxic
Yoga:Mind Toxic

Getting bad or unwanted thoughts that may not be yours, it may come from the environment or it may come from people around us, we observe the many thoughts.

We must choose very intelligently our thoughts, words, and actions.

Most of the time we have developed some models; it very grounded in our deep within us.

Ways to clean:

Yoga: Way to Clean Mind
Yoga: Way to Clean Mind


Frequent Cleanness may help our perceptions, cleaning our mind; improve as our perceptions, it as good as cleaning our body routinely.  Removing wastages our mind and improving our spirit or models,

Meditation will help do the same.

It will take time to improve to get expertise in life, will take some time.

To Learn N Practice:

Yoga:Pratice like music
Yoga:Pratice like music

Do cooking; playing guitar, playing medicine will take some time,

We not able to learn the piano at instantly it is difficult,  it will take some time to learn each instrument to get expertise, it will take some more time to develop the body.

To develop mind may take more time.

Meditation, yoga, pranayamas become your daily routine will take time.

The Reason beyond the sadness- wants to know the truth – Meditation helps you.

Root reason beyond the sadness:

The Reason of sadness;

Yoga :Reason of sadness
Reason of sadness

Anger, ignorance, too many desires are some reasons beyond the sadness.  Assume which are permanent and which are not permanent…

Assume which is happiness, not happiness assume which is eternal and not eternal.

If we are not in body, assume we are in body…

We are not our feelings or thoughts but we assume we are our thoughts or feelings.


yoga: Changing the Mind Body
yoga: Changing the Mind Body continuously

We live like this body is not changing. Truth is our Body is always changing every day 24 hours a day, our blood is changing for 5 days, and the upper layer of our stomach is changing for 1 month our skin will change, for the very year each of cells of body changes.

Our body is like a river, do think that way..? And understand that way, your body is always changing…  period of one year all cells of the body going to die, and formation of new cells….

Your body becomes a new body… your mind is new. If you’re exposed to the truth…

We won’t keep:

Your old fears. Old thoughts…Old feelings you’re not going to identify with that.

Ignorance is keeping everything, keeping your past identity. People said who you are; people appreciate when you assume your identity.

If you’re assuming your identity, very sticky to identity. Listen you’re finished, your struck…You do not know who you’re is right perceptions

Allow Possibility to Flow

Yoga :spiritual possibility
Yoga :spiritual possibility Flow

 Because you’re changing every minute and you’re opened for changing every minute. If you assume your identity you’re strong in one identity, then you may destroy that will stop your development.

That will stop your possibilities that will bring you for limited or make your boundaries.

If you’re identified with your intelligence, sometimes you can observe some people discuss one topic and they keep the stick on to the same topic they struck with the same topic. they keep that without meaning without sense, they keep arguing.

They struck very much they identified themselves with intelligence or them

Identified with their thoughts, they keep arguing without common senses.

My thoughts. my position, I  assume it.

People not able to identify the separateness in the soul.

In Intelligence, perception capacities, in the capacity we tend to identify things separately.


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