Tips to Avoid Anxiety and Develop Self-Confidence

Your alarm is ringing, you are stretching your hand to stop, you feel pain in your body, not able to move, feeling dried, no mood to get up, feeling low, not know what do next, feeling alone, boring.  You may be suffering from anxiety, how to overcome anxiety.

  • Take care of the source of energy
  • Choose content you read and view
  • Morning first 30 minutes
  • Your opera sequence
  • Schedule your work
  • Priorities your activity,
  • Review the activity
  • impact of the people around you
  • Daily habits
  • leaking of energy

Take care of your source of energy:-



You get energy from:

*  Food: Type of food you eat

*  Quality of sleep

*  The Breathing: Breathing pattern of your body (Long or short)

*  Meditations=10-15 minutes of meditations daily will reenergize your body and mind.

  • Daily habits:-

* Develop good habits, doing regular exercise or yoga, including meditations in your daily activities.

* Drink sufficient water 5-6 liter daily

* Eat greenery foods.

* Stay simple and energetic

  • Choose content you read and view:-

* What you read and view will make impressions on your mind, and your thoughts,

* Type of videos you watch information you read or view will impact on your thinking and your actions

  • Your opera sequence:-

* what you follow you on your Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube what imprint on your mind, your thoughts influence your activities.

  • Morning 30 minutes:-

* What you do in the morning 30 minutes will reflect you’re rest of your day.

* After getting up from the bed, take a 3 to 4 min for longer breaths

* Feel gratitude

* Drink water around 0.5 to 1 liter

* Remember how you’re impacting people around you.

  • People’s impact:-

* Observe what type of people around you

* Positive people, high energy people

* Negative people, low energy people

* What type of people is your influencing your daily thoughts and activities?

  • Choose people:-

* choose people who can motivate or energies you, Inspire you

* Avoid the negative people they do suck your energy, they also, An  Obstacle  to your progres

* Ignore or away from the all negative people around you

  • Identify energy pitfalls:-

* Identifies where your energy going dry up or leaking, areas of energy loss you can call it.

* Your diet patterns

* Your family members or friends

* your thoughts or thinking

  • Priorities work:-

* Divide your work into the category

* Category: Routine, revenue generating, the area of improvement

* Priorities the most important work you want to do

  • Schedule work:-

* Simple scheduling your day and week will make you feel more light and content.

* It will remember what things you should do

* It will lessen your anxiety

* it helps your more feel more serene

  • Review:-

* End of the day, through light on daily activities, will help to identify the gray area of the day.

* Will also help define the path you’re going

* It will help you plan your paths

* Will help you keep happy stay light and focused

* Keep calm and serene.



Steps to develop self-confidence-How to boost self-confidence:-

What is self- confidence:-

Faith about oneself or himself

  •   Self-confidence is required in all walks of life, it is very essential you want to achieve anything in your life, it required when you face problem in life
  • The Problem your will seems bigger when you feel about it, if you ready to face it become small, or seems just another thing
  • You may face up down on life, if have self-confidence, will make life easy even luck is with self-confidence

Why people lose self-confidence:-

  • keeping negative mind, they do not believe them self-selves
  • People have a tendency to withdraw them self- selves
  • Inferiority complex will impact to lose/lower the self-confidence.
  • Comparing the with others, with job, wealth, lifestyle
  • Continuous failure in life may lose the self- confident themselves
  • Continuously problem- related to body or mind may lose self-confidence

Impact low self- confidence:-

  • Low self- confident leads to weaker mind
  • It impacts your mind and body health
  • It may also impact your creative, imagination, mental capacity
  • Your friends or relative may ignore you because of low self -confidence
  • You not able to perform well when you’re having low self-confidence

How to increase self -confidence:-

  • Develop self- confident about our own abilities and skills
  • not to bother about views and opinions of others
  • Work on abilities and skill set
  • Observe what your good it certainly you’re good at certain areas
  • Remember you’re responsible for your own destiny
  • Remember ‘Little faith says ‘yes it can be done’, more faith says                          ’yes it will be Done’  Great faith say-so, it is done”
  • Remember your problems are not permanent, it comes and goes, remember the earlier moment you got success
  • If your visualize more success moments will boost your self- confidence and you stop worrying about your problems
  • If the problem can be fixed, start work on it, if not; just leave it, let it go
  • Always remember nothing is impossible most of the time you may not remember your own abilities
  • If you’re facing failures, keep trying having a faith, sometimes it definitely comeback, effort you put off now but takes time
  • Develop positive autosuggestion
  • Remember your journey till now, things or failure you already overcome
  • Success is an opportunity you’re creating, and motivation is the effort you’re putting in
  • Your self-confident will help you to work at your peace

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