How to Sharpen Your Mind: Yoga Pranayama

Get rid of your negative thoughts, emotions, plans, go out of your mind.

Are you’re surrounded by iron layer? Silver layer?

You need light to remove it. Make you more transparent, so you can see your truth.

Pranayam (Yoga).will does that

What brings our senses, our body, to get together that we call it has fullness.
You feel blessed, complete peace and happiness; feel higher energy  and completeness.

One Formula/Sutra

Yoga Sutra
Yoga Sutra

Marshi explains in one formula/Sutra- Pranayam.

How to take the breath in and holding it and breathing out and hold it.

On count, taking breathing and observe different parts of the body, will cover the most Pranayam.

Another pranayama with happen automatically, all thoughts, planed things go out of the mind, so pranayama will happen automatically.

You’re filtering out all your negative thoughts and emotions.

How to practice.

breathing yoga
breathing yoga

If you’re sitting on any position Observe breathing is sharpness.

We have become unusual, we made our breathing unusually says Patanjali Maharishi (Ancient Yogi).

If it is unusual or abnormal, we have to bring back our breathing to normal, how we can bring it back?

Not accepting the breathing as its happening, not obey the pattern of breathing as its happening.

We break its patterns consciously by taking long breaths,
Taking the sensitive breathing with counts, observe the different place of our body and breaking breathing pattern.

Take proper Guidance


advice is to take proper guidance on Pranayamas.

You need proper guidance do it, don’t do it casually.

If you go deep into, Pranayam starts breathing will become the pattern.
It breaks the daily breathing patterns.

Breathing will take its own shape and balance.

What is the influence of all Pranayam?

‘Light’- Remove the all the darkness around us.

You do not know, you surrounded by iron layer or silver, The light will remove it.

Pranayam will diminish your layer and make you more transparent, you can see your truth, and this is benefits of pranayama.


Yoga Benefits
Yoga Benefits

You will get capacity to hold breath on any parts of your body. Till now you notability do the same, you’re like the cloud. Do not know what your inside, you do not have clarity, you get the clarity with Pranayam if you take any Sankalpa (Resolution) or goal, it is possible now.

You can see after doing Paranayam your mind becomes more clarity, more stable, calmer.

Pranayam with Mindful Meditation

Free Guided Meditation Video:

You can feel your body, you can do meditations.

The Mind is sticking to one thing or patterns.
The Guided meditation will give different things to mind. We call it is alternative food for the mind.

The Mind will convince to take in, after meditation if you dance, it will like an alternative food for The mind.

You can feel how wonderful inside.

What brings our senses, our body, to get together that we call as fullness.

We feel complete after good meditations.

After the pranayama (breathing exec rise), Guided meditation you can feel your energy, you can feel your complete energy.
Then all your senses listen to you, you need not to listen to them.

You feel blessed, complete peace and happiness, feel the higher energy that completeness.

3 Types of Meditations:

Every Activity or work is called meditation:
There 3 types of meditation:

Satvik Meditation (goodness, constructive, harmonious)
Rajasik Meditation (active, confused)
Tamasik Meditation (darkness, destructive, chaotic).

Saavik meditation

Whatever you’re doing you won’t have to feel your doing, your parts of the activity,

They see 2018 as a natural event your part that event.

Where you are ….In the river there will be small waves appears, is it small wave assume I will be separate identity wave that is stupidest when air come there will be many waves appear and disappear or merge to the river.

Same type soul in large spirit there will be many waves appear one Michel another David another one Lilly another Brad like this different name is given to waves after some days this waves will disappear then new waves will appear isn’t it, know this aware of this in life and moving forward is Saatvik meditation.

Tamasik meditation is inactivity or negative energy meditation.

In this meditation, they will punish themselves, want to punish others as well.
Nobody asks why he or she are doing that some people punish themselves, they injecting some sharp object to the body or walking on fire.

Some people want to achieve something they practice some activity to show people.

They have the desire to achieve something, they get mixed benefits.

Rajasik Meditation

Doing the work for showoff is Rajiska Meditation

Whatever they do they have intention beyond it, even they are doing the voluntary service, they have the intentions beyond it ‘what I will get from this’ they are thinking.

They are telling the world I am doing the mediation sometimes now, I am a very good person, I will sing very sing melodiously, I can dance beautifully, I can do this, I can do that. I am doing great service.

They do all this for shoe off when people do this on feeling ‘I’ feeling that is called Rajasika.

Meditation will be physical, mental and Emotional.

What is this?
What is physical meditation?

Keeping the physical body clean, away from inactivity, control on five senses.

If you decide not to watch too much Netflix, YouTube and TV involving too much on social media, not eating junk food.

We maintain the same with spirit is called physical meditation.

In ancient yoga every activity called as meditation it has the deeper meaning to it. Based on our activity or involving activity.

Speaking meditation is very important when you grow in yoga when your words have affected. They have the power you call somebody stupid even though they are not foolish, they become one there are possibilities is there if somebody not foolish you call them foolish they become one there is 99% of possibility your words have the capacity of blessing your words have the capacity of a curse.

Speaking meditation will purify you. otherwise, it will come back to you.

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