Yoga Self Study: Intentions Behind Your Actions

Yoga Self Study
Yoga Self Study

Who your are?

Most of the time you’re not what you want truly. You’re doing something to impress somebody or satisfy somebody, what somebody feels about you.

Most of the time you don’t know what you want, because you’re not done ‘self-study’ your floating in your thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Your desires, not yours, you go somewhere to eat some food or you have done something.

All these,  the food you ate,  the situations you are in, environment and your company may raise the storm.

You started feeling yours are the storm so when your desires completed,  you did not feel happy or joyful, after few days you started to feel why you are doing all this. You feel you wanted the reason, it is done.

Yoga Self Study
Yoga Self Study

How to understand :

‘self-study’ is soul study that you are, become aware of who you are.

You’re cleaning body, your lighting your mind. you are the body,? mind?

Are you a thought?  are you feeling? Are you aware of your feelings that you are?

Meditation will purify our system it helps us brings solid energy and it will purify us.

Good-Bad side :

 Some people will do meditation in longer time feel themselves greater.

If you glorify yourself you do so much meditation may lead to egoism.

If it perceived wrongly, you will get a lot of egoism.

To avoid this, do self-study.

Why to do it:


 Why you’re doing meditation, is it for showoff or you’re competing with others.

‘There is an interesting story; we look why we have to do self-study’.

Once upon a time, two neighbors started doing meditation, God appeared to one person and asked what you want,  are going to my neighbor house? he asked, God, said yes.

You started early 1 hour early, I came here first. Not possible to ignore him, he asked. God said no. I should go to meet him, then this man requested whatever you gave to him,  You give me 2 times of that!. God said Okay.

Then god went to second person house and asked what you want?

Are coming from the neighbor house? He asked, are you given to him.

God said yes, then he asked what you gave to him, God is silent now.

The Second person insisted what you gave to him. God little skeptical then said ’what I will give to you, he asked 2 times of that’,  by listening to this,  the second person said, okay you take my an eye and an ear. I will teach him the lesson. He is always competing with me; let him get twice of what I get!.

This shows that with ‘self-study’ Meditations brings you the egoism’.

Ancient yogis Advice:

Ancient yogis asked to observe the intentions beyond our actions.

Using the self-study you can go to an ignorant world.

‘Self-study’ you’re free from your sadness of

Your mind, the burden of your mind.

Buddha says observe your body that is Meditation; observe sensations in your body.

Observe mind samskara, thoughts in your mind, your feelings, your religions behavior.

Buddha, Pathanjali maharishi says same things.


Yoga Benefits

‘Self-study you can remove all mental and emotional impurities, uncertainties, fears by complete surrendering to God.

Without love, self-study is felt dry.

Without surrendering self-study is not attractive, without love surrendering to a spiritual path not good.

That likes cake without sweet, food without salt,

How can we love God, Rise love towards God?

The First step in surrender is to see separateness in God and yourself then surrender it.

Second is god and myself is one and needed to surrender.

Become immersed in God, surrender I am no one immerse in virtue of greater God.

You get awareness, everything belongs to him. This body,  this world, this mind, this struggle of mind is yours, this beautiful mind is your, surrendering is also an act you come to home, feel ‘Samadhi’

Contemplation, feel the joy of meditation, offering light, flowers are not greater. You must offer your every part of your body.

Offer each minute of life, offer every breath, and offer every thought, offering every feeling. Good or bad thoughts, negative or positive all your feeling.

Offering all negative emotions feeling you become free.

Offering all positive quality you feel you have not got egoism.

By good virtues, you may become an egoist. You feel your special.

Your bad qualities, you feel lack, you pull down,  if you selected bad feeling, you feel bad about yourself.

Further ……


 You feel God separated from you, to connect with God. You’re not able to do any other things.

To feel God it is your hand.

To feel near,  to anybody is dependent upon you.

They may not feel near to you, you can feel their nearness.

You can’t judge God, this is not the right way to Judge God.

Nobody can tell how near you with God,  other then yourself, nobody can tell this, nobody can compare.

What you grow or you sow, that grows. If you feel the stupid not good person that develops.

Most of the times generally unnecessary plants your sowing, it will grow in your garden.

You should observe and grow the useful plants in your garden.

it is Like unnecessary plants in your garden you may get unnecessary unuseful thoughts, thinking, and feelings every day that you may not plant it. They come themselves…

By doing the self-study you can remove unnecessary things, only keep necessary things for life.

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