Mindful Motherhood Meditation

New Parents? feeling low energy level, get disturbed by often, keeping the energy become challenging, sometimes getting into depressions, not able to cope with children. Getting irritated.,

Is it meditation solve your problem… why should consider meditations?
Why should you do meditations?


Maintain calmness around you
High Energy level yourself and Surroundings
Vibrations around your environment
Positive Reflections around you
Proper Foundations of your children

Children are a reflection of their parents they behave as parents if you’re happy and calm, so your children are,
They are like a sponge they absorb everything of their surroundings.

Vibrations – every people exhibits a certain level of vibrations; when you’re happy you exhibit certain vibrations when you’re angry or stress your exhibits another set of vibrations.
Children are spontaneous, they will absorb the surrounding, you can decide what vibrations you must be releasing will affect your children.

Children will follow what parents do, not what they preach,
Children closely observe their parents, their behaviors they mirror parents. parents will create the behaviors unknowing for their children’s. You have a choice for yourself and children

Free meditation Video by Sri Sri: https://bit.ly/2Dss63U

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