How Yoga Complementary To Your Gym Workout

Thinking….  go to the gym ?  or Do Yoga ?

Are you  feel  difficulty in making the decision.

Let, do some analysis, First  We will not  see as opposed to each other.

We will  see how complementary  each other Or help each other.

Gym workout will warm up our body, it will increase the stamina of the body to carry weight in the body or we are taking training for that, Yoga will avoid the muscle problem due to workout.



It will give more stamina to the body and reduce the shoulder pressure.

Thrikona Asana:

Thrikona Asana

Waist and leg back muscle become flexible, body side will be pulled it becomes flexible.

Hasta Padasana:

Hasta Padasana

Boll Body muscle will be in the sustained state.

Utthita Asana:

Utthita Asana:

Ball Body lower parts will become stronger.

Majari Asana:

Majari Asana

It will massage the stomach muscle, will increase blood circulations.

Ardha matsyendrasana:

 Ardha matsyendrasana

It will strengthen the backbone.

Sarvanga Asana:

Sarvanga Asana

It will expand your chest will increase the availability of the oxygen to the lungs.

Surya Namaskara:

Surya Namaskara:

Slow motion: Slow will warm up the body for intense body exercise.

Speed motion: Will reduce the body weight, good for heart and pancreas. And blood vessels.

Nadi Shodhana Asana.

Nadi Shodhana Asana.

If you’re doing after exercise it reduces the stress in body and mind.

Shava Asana:

Shava Asana:

Will increase the oxygen supply to strained muscle, it will remove the pain if it is there.

Yoga Nidra:

Yoga Nidra:

Observe you are or move conscience to different parts of the body.

After intense exercise it will give deep rest to body and mind will bring the body to normal temperature, will stable the heartbeat.


Yoga Meditation
Yoga Meditation

The Whole day you are will feel fresh and energized after the gym exercise  and Meditation.  it  will happen automatically or very easily.

It is good to have gym exercise before doing the yoga asana, it will warm up the body; will reduce the stretches/pain to the body.

After Gym exercise, if you do yoga asana, it pulls your muscle,  flexible your muscle and reduces the body temperature says exercise and yoga specialists.



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