How to Reduce Stress & Enjoy Life

     You getting irritated about the things around you, feeling emptiness,  no mood to do anything, your feeling energy level  low,  you may be in stress.

 How to avoid this ? what  causing all these things to happen….

Your thoughts



You’re Moods

People Surrounds you


Habits are like our close friends,  so have to choose what type of friends you want to keep.

Observe your habits, how they will make you feel more energy or sucks your energy. Develop the good habits to have to maintain great energy levels,

include more green n fresh items in eatable, like vegetables, add dry fruits to your diet, drink more water  will help you detox your body, 

   your regular exercise will help your blood circulation in the body, will help your fitness of body and mind.

Avoid skipping the breakfast, late dinners..,


Thoughts are vitamins to mind, what type of thought you have in mind will determine your happiness of mind.

Start observing thoughts, if negative thoughts comes, just observe it,  let it go, it makes you feel lighter.  Start building positive thoughts, make habit of cultivating the positive thoughts.

Building the positive thoughts you must inspire to yourself before inspiring to others, be happy and peaceful to yourself,  your amazing, unique person in this world.


Reactive situations:

This one especially if you’re in outside, like public place, no point react to unknown people or situations, especially negative people or situations it may be small irrational things, it  happen when we travel, riding the vehicle, you must react positively towards situations.


When your moods not at good,  just calm down, relax more,  listen to music may be classical,  see a comedy show or videos, talk to best friends,  just relax…


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