How does long-term meditation alter the brain, improving your life and keep you happy.

How meditation impact on human consciences?

There are millions of neurons in our human body, what they do, how they function? Through yoga and Meditation, you can use the maximum usage of your body and mind when you’re pleased with yourself.

Research Studies show that how meditation will increase your happiness.


How mindfulness can change your brain and improve your health- Harvard Medical School.

Dr. James E. Stahl and his team of Harvard researchers studied a mind-body relaxation program offered through the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Mediation is an art and Science.

  • it is your Inner silence ,Keep body, mind, and spirit are in harmony.
  • Food, sleep, breath, meditation are the source of energies for the body
  • 70 % our body contains water Water molecules have memory,  water has memory
  • Every fluid in body observes what we think. Our positive thoughts will influence our actions.

Everybody has fingures, the matter of learning how to use 10 fingers to create something melodies. The same way we have a mind, we all can think, we all can meditate, just little skill is needed. How we can calm mind, get in touch with the depth of energy source.

We feel energetic, when our mind becomes calm and sincere, it can access enamors amount of energy within us.

Meditation is a way to take deep rest and at the same way alert our conciseness, Meditation is a skill to take deep rest and alert at the same time. You need the skill to take deep rest and alert at the same time.

People find it difficult to do medication, you can simply learn in a simple way. You can start mediation by a good instructor, to calm mind using mantra or sound.

First sitting you may be experiencing something wonderful once in a day, twice daily. If you practice regularly you see the transformation within you, not only within you, people around you will start reconnecting beautiful energy you carry around within you.

So you should do mediation 10 to 15 minutes every day feels more happiness in life.

Listen to Free Guided Meditation:

  • Why mediation? –  To today’s  life
  • Get rid of miserly overcome problems Way to improve your abilities
  • Reduce stress and tension you should meditate
  • you have more responsibility your necessity of meditation is even more to calm down your mind.
  • If you are not doing anything important you may do less meditate, but you have less time, you have to do more works, all you needed do more meditation.
  • meditation relieves stress and tension It enhances your abilities to face the challenges
  • Mediation bring a better life to us, Meditation is food for the soul
  • It energies for the mind, A Lifeline for the body
  • It keeps the body in shape, helps the nerve system It helps mind, your alertness
  • Your perceptions improve, express you to speak properly
  • You want to be happy and healthy you got to meditate.

Further :-

  • Helps change your perceptions. The way you perceive, bring clarity in mind
  • It helps your relationship around people
  • How to act or react to people around you, Inhibition free mind
  • Enhance your skill, How to reach your goals
  •  Improve your life Your perception by meditation enhance
  • All we are energy of our mind What is found on mind landscape?
  • The Way of creating and caring for really what in your life
  • You are the master of your destiny

How to meditate

Sit with relaxing comfortable position and hands-up upwards

Purpose Meditation –  Awakening divinity within you, You awaken with body Awake the god humanness, awake you Kindle divinity in oneself.

Wake up god within you, Go beyond the ego’s, Mahatma’s,  when Grace Flow Grace within flourishes. divine make you shine.

It is very difficult to get the company of good vibes people.  You can’t understand the company of good vibes people .It cannot be described in words.,  It is so deep it is Not everyone can understand this.

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