How Discoveries Are Made-Soul & System

How discoveries Happening. Today we have cell phones, but 20 to 30 years back we don’t know about the cell phones, somebody’s soul got thought how make it. How soul idea!

Music & Art is not made life complete, science and technology, intellectual & logic will also not make life complete. joy & celebration also not make it.

IT means inner Transformation, Transformation in self. IIT means intense inner transformation-deep inner transformation.

We forgot our body and mind, we have breathing System. Body is like a machine-the body is driven by the soul, Body developed by the soul, We ignore this. If we observe, we will open to a different dimension of life.

The Soul is a reason beyond our technologies. People get the thoughts in mind, Thoughts will get the form of technology Where this thought come from, what will help bring the thought into reality? that is The soul.


Today we have cell phones, but 20 to 30 years back we don’t know about the cell phones, somebody’s soul got thought how to make a cell phone?, That thought took forward by the soul. World have all discoveries, creativity all types of music, fashion and cinemas.

The Soul is beyond all this we have to observe this From which conscience discoveries happening in science, whom art and architecture developed. That soul is full of joy-same provide the health, happiness, love & compassion.
Our spirit has all capabilities, working in different parts of our brain and body, the same spirit becomes very logic & understandable, perceived and created and exhibit the compassion, love, peace, and happiness like the cellphone.

Look at Cellphone having so many programmes, cameras, social media, SMS, contact Book, clock and music. you must know how to use this and stop this when required, you must know which button to press it.
Like same way mind contain different parts, you must know which one to use it, which one to continues. Problem is We don’t know which one start and how to stop it.

Cell phone containing the different applications, our brain and life are also the same, We can open our soul to different dimensions, We did not have one static dimension, If you reserve this soul to only for art and music, life is not complete, If you reserve it only for science and logic then also, celebration and happiness also, life will not become complete.

As you know the on/off of the cell phone, you are able to start and stop your natural abilities. You are born with simpleness, innocence & simpleness. You lost it as you grown up, You stopped laughing after grown up.
You stopped being in simple. Awareness and alertness are important.

To all humans full conscience and logic is necessary. Do not accept as somebody told you something. Use your intellectual, this should be the first task of humans, do not accept the something is not logic and not right. You possibly think in intellectual and right way, this is important.

Not only logic necessary but sensitiveness is also required, sensitiveness is related to the heart. You will be very reasoning, you should understand the others point of view. Most of the time people will follow what they saying, They may be correct, but they may give pain to others easily.

Most angry people will justify their anger by reasoning, they not understand that their anger may be hurting somebody, they not aware of this. anger not only hurts others but hurts themselves as well. The Important thing is sensitiveness, shouting to somebody is no use of it. It is acts of foolishness, even it may their own benefit, people will not follow it.

If your angry or shouting at somebody, Is it they are going to change, if not? what is the use of shouting, it only appears yourself bad in front of others.

If your shouting or anger, Even if giving some useful tips to others, they may be going to ignore them. So become anger or shouting do not work, no use of it. ‘Do not expect donkey will run like hourse’. If you understand this, you know how anger will come, that understanding is sensitiveness.

Become aware of are others feelings and their necessities. Too much sensitive people may lose their logic become more emotional, That is not good, To have a balance between logic and sensitiveness is important. Become sensitive and have the logic in life. This is part of the soul system.

You will feel the calmness in life, most us felt the calmness in our life sometimes, silences and calmness Feel is spiritualness. have we selected that button on our mobile phone or we have not used that button. It is time do that.

One child smiles 400 times a day, young people will laugh 17 times, grown-up or older people not laugh at all.
You should keep the beautiful smile, be logic and sensitive, fell silence and calmness that is the aim of spirituality.


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