How Discoveries Are Made-Soul & System


How discoveries Happening. Today we have cell phones, but 20 to 30 years back we don’t know about the cell phones, somebody’s soul got thought how make it. How soul idea!

Music & Art is not made life complete, science and technology, intellectual & logic will also not make life complete. joy & celebration also not make it.

IT means inner Transformation, Transformation in self. IIT means intense inner transformation-deep inner transformation.

We forgot our body and mind, we have breathing System. Body is like a machine-the body is driven by the soul, Body developed by the soul, We ignore this. If we observe, we will open to a different dimension of life.

The Soul is a reason beyond our technologies. People get the thoughts in mind, Thoughts will get the form of technology Where this thought come from, what will help bring the thought into reality? that is The soul.


Today we have cell phones, but 20 to 30 years back we don’t know about the cell phones, somebody’s soul got thought how to make a cell phone?, That thought took forward by the soul. World have all discoveries, creativity all types of music, fashion and cinemas.

The Soul is beyond all this we have to observe this From which conscience discoveries happening in science, whom art and architecture developed. That soul is full of joy-same provide the health, happiness, love & compassion.
Our spirit has all capabilities, working in different parts of our brain and body, the same spirit becomes very logic & understandable, perceived and created and exhibit the compassion, love, peace, and happiness like the cellphone.

Look at Cellphone having so many programmes, cameras, social media, SMS, contact Book, clock and music. you must know how to use this and stop this when required, you must know which button to press it.
Like same way mind contain different parts, you must know which one to use it, which one to continues. Problem is We don’t know which one start and how to stop it.

Cell phone containing the different applications, our brain and life are also the same, We can open our soul to different dimensions, We did not have one static dimension, If you reserve this soul to only for art and music, life is not complete, If you reserve it only for science and logic then also, celebration and happiness also, life will not become complete.

As you know the on/off of the cell phone, you are able to start and stop your natural abilities. You are born with simpleness, innocence & simpleness. You lost it as you grown up, You stopped laughing after grown up.
You stopped being in simple. Awareness and alertness are important.

To all humans full conscience and logic is necessary. Do not accept as somebody told you something. Use your intellectual, this should be the first task of humans, do not accept the something is not logic and not right. You possibly think in intellectual and right way, this is important.

Not only logic necessary but sensitiveness is also required, sensitiveness is related to the heart. You will be very reasoning, you should understand the others point of view. Most of the time people will follow what they saying, They may be correct, but they may give pain to others easily.

Most angry people will justify their anger by reasoning, they not understand that their anger may be hurting somebody, they not aware of this. anger not only hurts others but hurts themselves as well. The Important thing is sensitiveness, shouting to somebody is no use of it. It is acts of foolishness, even it may their own benefit, people will not follow it.

If your angry or shouting at somebody, Is it they are going to change, if not? what is the use of shouting, it only appears yourself bad in front of others.

If your shouting or anger, Even if giving some useful tips to others, they may be going to ignore them. So become anger or shouting do not work, no use of it. ‘Do not expect donkey will run like hourse’. If you understand this, you know how anger will come, that understanding is sensitiveness.

Become aware of are others feelings and their necessities. Too much sensitive people may lose their logic become more emotional, That is not good, To have a balance between logic and sensitiveness is important. Become sensitive and have the logic in life. This is part of the soul system.

You will feel the calmness in life, most us felt the calmness in our life sometimes, silences and calmness Feel is spiritualness. have we selected that button on our mobile phone or we have not used that button. It is time do that.

One child smiles 400 times a day, young people will laugh 17 times, grown-up or older people not laugh at all.
You should keep the beautiful smile, be logic and sensitive, fell silence and calmness that is the aim of spirituality.


How Yoga Complementary To Your Gym Workout


Thinking….  go to the gym ?  or Do Yoga ?

Are you  feel  difficulty in making the decision.

Let, do some analysis, First  We will not  see as opposed to each other.

We will  see how complementary  each other Or help each other.

Gym workout will warm up our body, it will increase the stamina of the body to carry weight in the body or we are taking training for that, Yoga will avoid the muscle problem due to workout.



It will give more stamina to the body and reduce the shoulder pressure.

Thrikona Asana:

Thrikona Asana

Waist and leg back muscle become flexible, body side will be pulled it becomes flexible.

Hasta Padasana:

Hasta Padasana

Boll Body muscle will be in the sustained state.

Utthita Asana:

Utthita Asana:

Ball Body lower parts will become stronger.

Majari Asana:

Majari Asana

It will massage the stomach muscle, will increase blood circulations.

Ardha matsyendrasana:

 Ardha matsyendrasana

It will strengthen the backbone.

Sarvanga Asana:

Sarvanga Asana

It will expand your chest will increase the availability of the oxygen to the lungs.

Surya Namaskara:

Surya Namaskara:

Slow motion: Slow will warm up the body for intense body exercise.

Speed motion: Will reduce the body weight, good for heart and pancreas. And blood vessels.

Nadi Shodhana Asana.

Nadi Shodhana Asana.

If you’re doing after exercise it reduces the stress in body and mind.

Shava Asana:

Shava Asana:

Will increase the oxygen supply to strained muscle, it will remove the pain if it is there.

Yoga Nidra:

Yoga Nidra:

Observe you are or move conscience to different parts of the body.

After intense exercise it will give deep rest to body and mind will bring the body to normal temperature, will stable the heartbeat.


Yoga Meditation
Yoga Meditation

The Whole day you are will feel fresh and energized after the gym exercise  and Meditation.  it  will happen automatically or very easily.

It is good to have gym exercise before doing the yoga asana, it will warm up the body; will reduce the stretches/pain to the body.

After Gym exercise, if you do yoga asana, it pulls your muscle,  flexible your muscle and reduces the body temperature says exercise and yoga specialists.



Yoga Self Study: Intentions Behind Your Actions

Yoga Self Study
Yoga Self Study
Yoga Self Study

Who your are?

Most of the time you’re not what you want truly. You’re doing something to impress somebody or satisfy somebody, what somebody feels about you.

Most of the time you don’t know what you want, because you’re not done ‘self-study’ your floating in your thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Your desires, not yours, you go somewhere to eat some food or you have done something.

All these,  the food you ate,  the situations you are in, environment and your company may raise the storm.

You started feeling yours are the storm so when your desires completed,  you did not feel happy or joyful, after few days you started to feel why you are doing all this. You feel you wanted the reason, it is done.

Yoga Self Study
Yoga Self Study

How to understand :

‘self-study’ is soul study that you are, become aware of who you are.

You’re cleaning body, your lighting your mind. you are the body,? mind?

Are you a thought?  are you feeling? Are you aware of your feelings that you are?

Meditation will purify our system it helps us brings solid energy and it will purify us.

Good-Bad side :

 Some people will do meditation in longer time feel themselves greater.

If you glorify yourself you do so much meditation may lead to egoism.

If it perceived wrongly, you will get a lot of egoism.

To avoid this, do self-study.

Why to do it:


 Why you’re doing meditation, is it for showoff or you’re competing with others.

‘There is an interesting story; we look why we have to do self-study’.

Once upon a time, two neighbors started doing meditation, God appeared to one person and asked what you want,  are going to my neighbor house? he asked, God, said yes.

You started early 1 hour early, I came here first. Not possible to ignore him, he asked. God said no. I should go to meet him, then this man requested whatever you gave to him,  You give me 2 times of that!. God said Okay.

Then god went to second person house and asked what you want?

Are coming from the neighbor house? He asked, are you given to him.

God said yes, then he asked what you gave to him, God is silent now.

The Second person insisted what you gave to him. God little skeptical then said ’what I will give to you, he asked 2 times of that’,  by listening to this,  the second person said, okay you take my an eye and an ear. I will teach him the lesson. He is always competing with me; let him get twice of what I get!.

This shows that with ‘self-study’ Meditations brings you the egoism’.

Ancient yogis Advice:

Ancient yogis asked to observe the intentions beyond our actions.

Using the self-study you can go to an ignorant world.

‘Self-study’ you’re free from your sadness of

Your mind, the burden of your mind.

Buddha says observe your body that is Meditation; observe sensations in your body.

Observe mind samskara, thoughts in your mind, your feelings, your religions behavior.

Buddha, Pathanjali maharishi says same things.


Yoga Benefits

‘Self-study you can remove all mental and emotional impurities, uncertainties, fears by complete surrendering to God.

Without love, self-study is felt dry.

Without surrendering self-study is not attractive, without love surrendering to a spiritual path not good.

That likes cake without sweet, food without salt,

How can we love God, Rise love towards God?

The First step in surrender is to see separateness in God and yourself then surrender it.

Second is god and myself is one and needed to surrender.

Become immersed in God, surrender I am no one immerse in virtue of greater God.

You get awareness, everything belongs to him. This body,  this world, this mind, this struggle of mind is yours, this beautiful mind is your, surrendering is also an act you come to home, feel ‘Samadhi’

Contemplation, feel the joy of meditation, offering light, flowers are not greater. You must offer your every part of your body.

Offer each minute of life, offer every breath, and offer every thought, offering every feeling. Good or bad thoughts, negative or positive all your feeling.

Offering all negative emotions feeling you become free.

Offering all positive quality you feel you have not got egoism.

By good virtues, you may become an egoist. You feel your special.

Your bad qualities, you feel lack, you pull down,  if you selected bad feeling, you feel bad about yourself.

Further ……


 You feel God separated from you, to connect with God. You’re not able to do any other things.

To feel God it is your hand.

To feel near,  to anybody is dependent upon you.

They may not feel near to you, you can feel their nearness.

You can’t judge God, this is not the right way to Judge God.

Nobody can tell how near you with God,  other then yourself, nobody can tell this, nobody can compare.

What you grow or you sow, that grows. If you feel the stupid not good person that develops.

Most of the times generally unnecessary plants your sowing, it will grow in your garden.

You should observe and grow the useful plants in your garden.

it is Like unnecessary plants in your garden you may get unnecessary unuseful thoughts, thinking, and feelings every day that you may not plant it. They come themselves…

By doing the self-study you can remove unnecessary things, only keep necessary things for life.

Free Guided Meditation

Free Guided meditation:

Beautiful Guided Meditation by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and discover a new dimension! Free your mind, Free your thoughts and repose in yourself!

Panchakosha – Guided Meditation” by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a quick way to relax & recharge yourself on a busy day. Ancient sages have explored the depths of our being, and given us the knowledge of the Pancha Kosha (five sheaths of consciousness).

How to Sharpen Your Mind: Yoga Pranayama

Sharpen Mind

Get rid of your negative thoughts, emotions, plans, go out of your mind.

Are you’re surrounded by iron layer? Silver layer?

You need light to remove it. Make you more transparent, so you can see your truth.

Pranayam (Yoga).will does that

What brings our senses, our body, to get together that we call it has fullness.
You feel blessed, complete peace and happiness; feel higher energy  and completeness.

One Formula/Sutra

Yoga Sutra
Yoga Sutra

Marshi explains in one formula/Sutra- Pranayam.

How to take the breath in and holding it and breathing out and hold it.

On count, taking breathing and observe different parts of the body, will cover the most Pranayam.

Another pranayama with happen automatically, all thoughts, planed things go out of the mind, so pranayama will happen automatically.

You’re filtering out all your negative thoughts and emotions.

How to practice.

breathing yoga
breathing yoga

If you’re sitting on any position Observe breathing is sharpness.

We have become unusual, we made our breathing unusually says Patanjali Maharishi (Ancient Yogi).

If it is unusual or abnormal, we have to bring back our breathing to normal, how we can bring it back?

Not accepting the breathing as its happening, not obey the pattern of breathing as its happening.

We break its patterns consciously by taking long breaths,
Taking the sensitive breathing with counts, observe the different place of our body and breaking breathing pattern.

Take proper Guidance


advice is to take proper guidance on Pranayamas.

You need proper guidance do it, don’t do it casually.

If you go deep into, Pranayam starts breathing will become the pattern.
It breaks the daily breathing patterns.

Breathing will take its own shape and balance.

What is the influence of all Pranayam?

‘Light’- Remove the all the darkness around us.

You do not know, you surrounded by iron layer or silver, The light will remove it.

Pranayam will diminish your layer and make you more transparent, you can see your truth, and this is benefits of pranayama.


Yoga Benefits
Yoga Benefits

You will get capacity to hold breath on any parts of your body. Till now you notability do the same, you’re like the cloud. Do not know what your inside, you do not have clarity, you get the clarity with Pranayam if you take any Sankalpa (Resolution) or goal, it is possible now.

You can see after doing Paranayam your mind becomes more clarity, more stable, calmer.

Pranayam with Mindful Meditation

Free Guided Meditation Video:

You can feel your body, you can do meditations.

The Mind is sticking to one thing or patterns.
The Guided meditation will give different things to mind. We call it is alternative food for the mind.

The Mind will convince to take in, after meditation if you dance, it will like an alternative food for The mind.

You can feel how wonderful inside.

What brings our senses, our body, to get together that we call as fullness.

We feel complete after good meditations.

After the pranayama (breathing exec rise), Guided meditation you can feel your energy, you can feel your complete energy.
Then all your senses listen to you, you need not to listen to them.

You feel blessed, complete peace and happiness, feel the higher energy that completeness.

3 Types of Meditations:

Every Activity or work is called meditation:
There 3 types of meditation:

Satvik Meditation (goodness, constructive, harmonious)
Rajasik Meditation (active, confused)
Tamasik Meditation (darkness, destructive, chaotic).

Saavik meditation

Whatever you’re doing you won’t have to feel your doing, your parts of the activity,

They see 2018 as a natural event your part that event.

Where you are ….In the river there will be small waves appears, is it small wave assume I will be separate identity wave that is stupidest when air come there will be many waves appear and disappear or merge to the river.

Same type soul in large spirit there will be many waves appear one Michel another David another one Lilly another Brad like this different name is given to waves after some days this waves will disappear then new waves will appear isn’t it, know this aware of this in life and moving forward is Saatvik meditation.

Tamasik meditation is inactivity or negative energy meditation.

In this meditation, they will punish themselves, want to punish others as well.
Nobody asks why he or she are doing that some people punish themselves, they injecting some sharp object to the body or walking on fire.

Some people want to achieve something they practice some activity to show people.

They have the desire to achieve something, they get mixed benefits.

Rajasik Meditation

Doing the work for showoff is Rajiska Meditation

Whatever they do they have intention beyond it, even they are doing the voluntary service, they have the intentions beyond it ‘what I will get from this’ they are thinking.

They are telling the world I am doing the mediation sometimes now, I am a very good person, I will sing very sing melodiously, I can dance beautifully, I can do this, I can do that. I am doing great service.

They do all this for shoe off when people do this on feeling ‘I’ feeling that is called Rajasika.

Meditation will be physical, mental and Emotional.

What is this?
What is physical meditation?

Keeping the physical body clean, away from inactivity, control on five senses.

If you decide not to watch too much Netflix, YouTube and TV involving too much on social media, not eating junk food.

We maintain the same with spirit is called physical meditation.

In ancient yoga every activity called as meditation it has the deeper meaning to it. Based on our activity or involving activity.

Speaking meditation is very important when you grow in yoga when your words have affected. They have the power you call somebody stupid even though they are not foolish, they become one there are possibilities is there if somebody not foolish you call them foolish they become one there is 99% of possibility your words have the capacity of blessing your words have the capacity of a curse.

Speaking meditation will purify you. otherwise, it will come back to you.

How Yoga Boost Immune System | New Research

Norwegians researchers find an immediate genetic response to yoga practice. By practicing the yoga will have a positive influence on the  DNA system( Immune System),  proved by the research team of Norway.

Research study:

Yoga Research
Yoga or Meditation Research


Research team shared the article, overall study conducted by them. Yoga practice will impact on our DNA system (Immune System) , study explain the health benefits of yoga clearly, with proved records.

As per records, how yoga practice will influence on each stage of cell development

Significant changes will start showing immediately after starting yoga practice states-Oslo University

The Research team led by Fahri Saatcioglu of university Oslo, this article published in one of the online journal PLOS ONE.

Study shows

Yoga Research Results

Norway Research team said that a comprehensive yoga program will lead to internal changes in genes at the genetic level, The results show that ancient practice influence on health.

Yoga practice will give  “Rest state” stated by the researcher. This ‘Rest state’ wills stronger effect on inheritance behavior or long-term changes on genes.

‘Rest state’ like a “turned on” inheritance behavior, it will mainly produce Protein-RNA.

Recent studies proved that these can be relating to body Immune system, this will influence on body immediate basis, they stated.

In Germany,  a study conducted on yoga practice by involving 10 participants, conducted by OSLO university research team.

How Research conducted:

Yoga Research Conducted
Yoga Participants

First two days, participants involved in yoga practice for 2 hours, they did yoga practice-Sudarshan kriya (comprehensive yoga practice-Art of living) and meditations, for next 2 days at the same time period they did the nature walk, listen to classical music.

Researcher taken the blood sample of participants before and after each program, they examined the blood peripheral and mononuclear cells, these have a significant role and body resistance system/immune system.

Research Finding:

Yoga Research Finding
Yoga Research Findings

Researcher finds that Nature Walk and listen to music-driven rest will influence 38 inheritance changes in the immune system- blood cells, the yoga practice will bring about 111 changes.

Using two practices, fourteen changes in genes expressions (inheritance influences), it proves two practices will influence general blood cells. State by the researcher.


Yoga will have a larger/wider influence, it has more influence than just exercise or nature walk/music and. Yoga(Meditation) brings ‘Rest state’ in cell level and changes in cell structure, apart from health benefits it having.

If your mat lying with dust, it is time to bring back, the studies will give you inspiration on developing diseases free body. Walking on nature is better but yoga is better than that.

Further Meditation meditation/yoga practice also sharpen your mind

Cleanse –  Body.   Mind.,

Mind cleansing

Sometimes Now; I was taking rest, too many things running in mind home, office things. Mind occupied by too many things…can’t we clean the mind as we do to the body…

Clean Mind like Cleaning Body:

Cleanse Mind
Cleanse Mind

We are given away most of the unwanted things which are occupied by our space, are we did same things with our mind, clean the mind, which is unnecessarily filled with things,

which leads us to dim our eyes or focus, it makes us disturbance, making anger to our self. Are we doing enough effort to remove them?

You need space to keep things; we don’t have enough space to keep all the things. You do., as per ancient practices, cleanness is depended on body cloths or the environment, it also mentions to the mind cleaning of our mind.

Toxic you’re consumed:

Yoga:Mind Toxic
Yoga:Mind Toxic

Getting bad or unwanted thoughts that may not be yours, it may come from the environment or it may come from people around us, we observe the many thoughts.

We must choose very intelligently our thoughts, words, and actions.

Most of the time we have developed some models; it very grounded in our deep within us.

Ways to clean:

Yoga: Way to Clean Mind
Yoga: Way to Clean Mind


Frequent Cleanness may help our perceptions, cleaning our mind; improve as our perceptions, it as good as cleaning our body routinely.  Removing wastages our mind and improving our spirit or models,

Meditation will help do the same.

It will take time to improve to get expertise in life, will take some time.

To Learn N Practice:

Yoga:Pratice like music
Yoga:Pratice like music

Do cooking; playing guitar, playing medicine will take some time,

We not able to learn the piano at instantly it is difficult,  it will take some time to learn each instrument to get expertise, it will take some more time to develop the body.

To develop mind may take more time.

Meditation, yoga, pranayamas become your daily routine will take time.

The Reason beyond the sadness- wants to know the truth – Meditation helps you.

Root reason beyond the sadness:

The Reason of sadness;

Yoga :Reason of sadness
Reason of sadness

Anger, ignorance, too many desires are some reasons beyond the sadness.  Assume which are permanent and which are not permanent…

Assume which is happiness, not happiness assume which is eternal and not eternal.

If we are not in body, assume we are in body…

We are not our feelings or thoughts but we assume we are our thoughts or feelings.


yoga: Changing the Mind Body
yoga: Changing the Mind Body continuously

We live like this body is not changing. Truth is our Body is always changing every day 24 hours a day, our blood is changing for 5 days, and the upper layer of our stomach is changing for 1 month our skin will change, for the very year each of cells of body changes.

Our body is like a river, do think that way..? And understand that way, your body is always changing…  period of one year all cells of the body going to die, and formation of new cells….

Your body becomes a new body… your mind is new. If you’re exposed to the truth…

We won’t keep:

Your old fears. Old thoughts…Old feelings you’re not going to identify with that.

Ignorance is keeping everything, keeping your past identity. People said who you are; people appreciate when you assume your identity.

If you’re assuming your identity, very sticky to identity. Listen you’re finished, your struck…You do not know who you’re is right perceptions

Allow Possibility to Flow

Yoga :spiritual possibility
Yoga :spiritual possibility Flow

 Because you’re changing every minute and you’re opened for changing every minute. If you assume your identity you’re strong in one identity, then you may destroy that will stop your development.

That will stop your possibilities that will bring you for limited or make your boundaries.

If you’re identified with your intelligence, sometimes you can observe some people discuss one topic and they keep the stick on to the same topic they struck with the same topic. they keep that without meaning without sense, they keep arguing.

They struck very much they identified themselves with intelligence or them

Identified with their thoughts, they keep arguing without common senses.

My thoughts. my position, I  assume it.

People not able to identify the separateness in the soul.

In Intelligence, perception capacities, in the capacity we tend to identify things separately.


Tips to Avoid Anxiety and Develop Self-Confidence

Your alarm is ringing, you are stretching your hand to stop, you feel pain in your body, not able to move, feeling dried, no mood to get up, feeling low, not know what do next, feeling alone, boring.  You may be suffering from anxiety, how to overcome anxiety.

  • Take care of the source of energy
  • Choose content you read and view
  • Morning first 30 minutes
  • Your opera sequence
  • Schedule your work
  • Priorities your activity,
  • Review the activity
  • impact of the people around you
  • Daily habits
  • leaking of energy

Take care of your source of energy:-



You get energy from:

*  Food: Type of food you eat

*  Quality of sleep

*  The Breathing: Breathing pattern of your body (Long or short)

*  Meditations=10-15 minutes of meditations daily will reenergize your body and mind.

  • Daily habits:-

* Develop good habits, doing regular exercise or yoga, including meditations in your daily activities.

* Drink sufficient water 5-6 liter daily

* Eat greenery foods.

* Stay simple and energetic

  • Choose content you read and view:-

* What you read and view will make impressions on your mind, and your thoughts,

* Type of videos you watch information you read or view will impact on your thinking and your actions

  • Your opera sequence:-

* what you follow you on your Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube what imprint on your mind, your thoughts influence your activities.

  • Morning 30 minutes:-

* What you do in the morning 30 minutes will reflect you’re rest of your day.

* After getting up from the bed, take a 3 to 4 min for longer breaths

* Feel gratitude

* Drink water around 0.5 to 1 liter

* Remember how you’re impacting people around you.

  • People’s impact:-

* Observe what type of people around you

* Positive people, high energy people

* Negative people, low energy people

* What type of people is your influencing your daily thoughts and activities?

  • Choose people:-

* choose people who can motivate or energies you, Inspire you

* Avoid the negative people they do suck your energy, they also, An  Obstacle  to your progres

* Ignore or away from the all negative people around you

  • Identify energy pitfalls:-

* Identifies where your energy going dry up or leaking, areas of energy loss you can call it.

* Your diet patterns

* Your family members or friends

* your thoughts or thinking

  • Priorities work:-

* Divide your work into the category

* Category: Routine, revenue generating, the area of improvement

* Priorities the most important work you want to do

  • Schedule work:-

* Simple scheduling your day and week will make you feel more light and content.

* It will remember what things you should do

* It will lessen your anxiety

* it helps your more feel more serene

  • Review:-

* End of the day, through light on daily activities, will help to identify the gray area of the day.

* Will also help define the path you’re going

* It will help you plan your paths

* Will help you keep happy stay light and focused

* Keep calm and serene.



Steps to develop self-confidence-How to boost self-confidence:-

What is self- confidence:-

Faith about oneself or himself

  •   Self-confidence is required in all walks of life, it is very essential you want to achieve anything in your life, it required when you face problem in life
  • The Problem your will seems bigger when you feel about it, if you ready to face it become small, or seems just another thing
  • You may face up down on life, if have self-confidence, will make life easy even luck is with self-confidence

Why people lose self-confidence:-

  • keeping negative mind, they do not believe them self-selves
  • People have a tendency to withdraw them self- selves
  • Inferiority complex will impact to lose/lower the self-confidence.
  • Comparing the with others, with job, wealth, lifestyle
  • Continuous failure in life may lose the self- confident themselves
  • Continuously problem- related to body or mind may lose self-confidence

Impact low self- confidence:-

  • Low self- confident leads to weaker mind
  • It impacts your mind and body health
  • It may also impact your creative, imagination, mental capacity
  • Your friends or relative may ignore you because of low self -confidence
  • You not able to perform well when you’re having low self-confidence

How to increase self -confidence:-

  • Develop self- confident about our own abilities and skills
  • not to bother about views and opinions of others
  • Work on abilities and skill set
  • Observe what your good it certainly you’re good at certain areas
  • Remember you’re responsible for your own destiny
  • Remember ‘Little faith says ‘yes it can be done’, more faith says                          ’yes it will be Done’  Great faith say-so, it is done”
  • Remember your problems are not permanent, it comes and goes, remember the earlier moment you got success
  • If your visualize more success moments will boost your self- confidence and you stop worrying about your problems
  • If the problem can be fixed, start work on it, if not; just leave it, let it go
  • Always remember nothing is impossible most of the time you may not remember your own abilities
  • If you’re facing failures, keep trying having a faith, sometimes it definitely comeback, effort you put off now but takes time
  • Develop positive autosuggestion
  • Remember your journey till now, things or failure you already overcome
  • Success is an opportunity you’re creating, and motivation is the effort you’re putting in
  • Your self-confident will help you to work at your peace